Whether you are new to the “Two Rivers” area or you have lived here for years and want to meet new people, The Newcomers Club offers something for everyone!   Established in 1972, The Newcomers Club is a social and charitable organization that provides a wide range of activities for our members to develop new friendships and get involved in our community.   

There are many great activities and events to participate in when you join The Newcomers Club.  Meet the ladies for a night out, try a new fitness studio in the area or meet other Newcomers’ families for apple and pumpkin picking.  No matter what your interests are, the club is sure to have something for you!  Check out the “Club Activities” page to find out more.

In addition to providing social opportunities for our members, each year The Newcomers Club also helps raise money for a selected local charity.  Every year we host two fundraisers; all of the proceeds are donated directly to the charity at the end of the year.  Our fall fundraiser is great fun for the whole family.  Lucky Name, our spring fundraiser, is always a fabulous night out for our adult members with opportunities to win awesome prizes generously donated by local businesses. 

Our members receive a monthly newsletter, Town Life.  This provides information about our monthly events and, several times a year, contains material about local preschools, kids’ activities, fitness clubs, summer camps and beach clubs.   Misplaced the newsletter?  Don’t worry!  We use BigTent to manage our membership and events; BigTent is a great way to stay abreast of what’s happening in the club. 

Please explore more of what we have to offer and click here to join.